I left Churchie at the end of 1955 – last year of junior school. We moved to Sydney where I attended Knox Grammar School completing my Higher School Certificate in 1960.  Attending Churchie was the best years of my schooling.  David Pritchard was a good friend but sadly I am aware he passed away a couple of years ago.  I was friends also with Ken Aaron. I remember the surnames of a few of my classmates including Coxon, Hunt, Duff, Nicholson, Law, Jones, Norris and McMaster (good swimmer). At Knox I played in the 1st XV (2nd row) and was Drum Major of the Brass Band. I have a strong memory of Dr and Mrs. Roberts visiting my home in Sydney when they were visiting down here. He was a kind and warm man. I also have clear memories of Mrs. Roberts in the Junior School tuck shop where I regularly bought a cream bun at mid-morning break. Other boys I remember include Donald Crombie and Rodney Delaney.

My career was agricultural based including managing four agricultural research stations, managing overseas aid programs, establishing multi-functional agricultural projects to provide farming families the option to diversify and establish alternative income streams so as to remain viable in an increasing globalised market place, eg www.harvesttrailsandmarkets.com.au and www.southernharvest.org.au  I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2006 to pursue international knowledge and subsequent further development of my involvement in that area of agriculture.  I retired at 70 and now spend as much of my time with my eight children (four of my own and four step) and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren.