It’s time for the annual billy cart grand prix and everyone is excited – even the parents! Davey is determined to win, but when his choices start hurting his friends, what will he do? Is winning more important than friendship?

Old Boy Michael Johnston (1996) is still a kid at heart. Now Director of Corporate Finance at Morgans in Sydney, Michael has drawn inspiration from his days as a Prep School student here at Churchie to write and publish a children’s book. The book is loosely based on the annual Churchie Prep Billy Cart Grand Prix which was first held in 1986 and Michael has fond memories of competing in 1990 and 1991.

At the heart of the story are his two school mates, David Gillespie (1996) and Tom Anning (1996). Michael, Tom and David are still close mates today. The adventures of Michael’s childhood evolved one evening into a bedtime story, which was shared with Tom’s kids, Ellie and Fred. The other children in the book are based on Michael’s nieces and nephews.

​When he is not working in finance or writing kids books, Michael enjoys cooking, travelling, spending time with his friends and family and is currently studying his MBA at the University of New South Wales. David now lives in Melbourne and is the Chief Financial Officer at Jemena, whilst Tom is based in Sydney and is the Managing Director of Intermediate Capital, a London Headquartered private debt, credit and equity firm.

The Great Billy Kart Grand Prix will be released later this month. Please click here for further details.