Moulded by eclectic music tastes, Old Boy Liam Kenvyn (2015) with his girlfriend Sofia and three primary school mates from New Farm, have been writing, recording and performing original music for appreciative audiences. Known as San Tropez Bay, they all have a hand in writing from experience and across a range of genres, channelling the sounds of rock, funk, punk and alternative.

Liam, who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Entertainment Management at the JMC Academy, is the bass player. Sofia is the lead singer and is studying jazz singing and composition at the Conservatorium. Declan is the lead guitarist and song writer. Oscar is the drummer and is studying medicine.

San Tropez Bay started gigging in and around venues in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and at private parties, including 21st birthdays of Old Boys. In April 2019, in the space of a week, they released a two-EP collection and consequently are receiving some strong recognition on the Brisbane music scene. “First, the Rain” is more upbeat and “Then, the Moss” is more reflective and soulful. Both are also being well received on Spotify and other streaming platforms. You can find out more about them and link to their cool, soulful and beautiful music here:

Following the success of their twin EP launches, San Tropez Bay are already writing more music and will be recording again soon.

Featured Image (L-R): Liam Kenvyn, Sofia Giacoboni, Oscar McCabe, Declan Henninger