For five Old Boys who all started their prep boarding in the ‘small kids’ dormitory of Donaldson House, an inaugural ‘Dormitory Reunion Lunch’ was the perfect excuse to catch up. Iain Lewis, Peter Hauritz, Jack Duff, Bill Gunn and Richard Trivett all enjoyed the occasion so much that it is likely to become a fixture on their social calendars. According to all reports, there was extensive animated chatter with much hilarity recounting stories about fellow boarders and events. Some invitees who were unable to attend need not despair as another lunch is indeed in the offing.

In 1954 Peter had to return home to Jimbour to attend the one teacher primary school to avoid its closure which would have resulted in his siblings having to attend another school miles from home. After his early post Churchie years in pastoral pursuits with his family’s company, Bill (dubbed ‘the prodigal son’) returned home after some 30 plus years in the USA where he was involved with business interests in mining. Peter (dubbed ‘the long lost lodger’) did his secondary schooling at Toowoomba Grammar School where he was prominent in the school’s cricket, rugby and athletics teams. He later became a commercial pilot flying in PNG, then Australia with Ansett. Iain, post his university studies, became involved in the pastoral industry, particularly with cattle on several properties. He also had a stint in local government as a councillor on the Woocoo Shire Council for 23 years, including 17 years as the Deputy Mayor. Jack, a chartered accountant, was a partner in the professional services firm Deloitte for 25 years prior to his retirement. Richard, ‘the baby’ as he is the youngest of the group, has had an extensive and well respected career in the Australian international livestock export industry while also involved in pastoral properties in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Featured Image (L-R): Iain Lewis (1953-1960), Peter Hauritz (1952-1953), Jack Duff (1953-1960), Bill Gunn (1952-1960), Richard Trivett (1953-1961)