In what has become a long-standing tradition, Churchie and Somerville House will again present a Senior Play in 2019. Return to Oz, the unofficial sequel to L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, appeared on film in 1985. Its colourful, zany characters have become cherished additions to the Oz stories.

The story is also an attempt to look at the long-term effects of childhood trauma through the lens of a young girl trying to return to a fantasy world that’s been completely upended. Dorothy discovers she is back in the land of Oz and finds the Yellow Brick Road is now a pile of rubble and the Emerald City is in ruins. The magical land is now under the control of an evil empire, so Dorothy sets off to rescue the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion with the help of her new friends.

It is tremendous to see the involvement of the following Old Boys in this year’s production.

  • Henry Friend (2016) Stage Manager
  • Dylan Maxwell (2018) Backstage Manager
  • Lachlan Haller (2017) Publicity (trailer video)
  • Tom MacPherson (2017) Original Music

All staff and families are warmly invited to join us in Morris Hall for this large-scale production, featuring wonderful characters, fabulous costumes and an Oz-sized dose of theatrical magic.

Performances will be held in Morris Hall on:
– Thursday 28 February, 7pm
– Friday 1st March, 7pm
– Saturday 2nd March, 2pm (Matinée)
– Saturday 2nd March, 7pm

Tickets are available online. Adults $26, students $21.