Inspired by his involvement with Churchie Service, Old Boy Jack Gadsby (2017) has recently returned from a trip to Vanuatu during which he visited St Patrick’s College, an Anglican secondary school in Ambae. This is the same school he visited as a Churchie student in 2017.

For Jack, certainly one of the most gratifying parts of the visit was donating school supplies and clothing to the families affected by the volcanic eruptions on Ambae in 2017 and 2018 causing acid rain and making the island uninhabitable. Most of his time was spent talking to the year 7 and 8 classes about the importance of pursuing a good education. Jack is currently studying a degree in Computing and Cyber Security at the Australian Defence Force Academy so he also spent some time with the senior IT classes talking about the importance of cyber security and introducing them to some more modern IT practices. This was critical as their curriculum is quite behind on 21st century IT practices.

Jack is very pleased to report that things are looking well at the school. Whilst their campus in Ambae is prepared for their return later this year, they are sharing a campus with Santo East School in Luganville. Jacks says: “They told me they would like to express their gratitude to Churchie for previous visits to the school and would like to continue the partnership after their return to Ambae.” He also reported that they still wear the Churchie shirts given them in 2017, as a part of the teacher uniform on Monday and Wednesday. Jack is already planning and looking forward to returning to Ambae for yet another visit.

Featured Images
Left Image: Jack (pictured right) with Churchie in 2017.
Right Image: Jack in the IT classroom on his recent visit to Vanuatu.