Old Boy Mark Allen (1998) is a certified digital marketer with 15 years of agency and client side experience. Mark’s background is in the property and real estate industry where, as the son of a property developer and real estate agent, he learned about the industry before moving into property marketing.

However, it wasn’t until after his own experience of looking for a new home that Mark founded Patch, a property technology startup that provides the opportunity to place offers on ANY property, on or off the market. The dream home he was looking at was taken off the market before he could put in an offer. Then as he was settling with another home, the dream house went back on the market prompting him to question: “Why couldn’t the house be on the market all the time?”

Mark says: “Patch works to connect buyers to people looking to sell their home, so they can negotiate and transact in one simple and cost-effective place. It gives homeowners real-time, actual prices that people are willing to pay for their homes so they know the ideal time to sell.”

To hear more about Patch, please click here to watch a recorded interview with Mark. Patch is raising the first round of funding from investors, so if you are interested in speaking with Mark directly about this opportunity, he is contactable at hello@getpatch.com.au or on 0431 792 227.