‘Great Spirit’ and excellent results on the sporting fields over the past week have been widely acknowledged and congratulated by the Headmaster. Similarly, it is both pleasing and inspiring to see this ‘Blue and Grey’ spirit carried forward into the Old Boys network, through the large number of Old Boys who continually return to coach our young men across a multitude of sporting disciplines.

Beyond the sporting fields, another group of Old Boys is committed to give back to a school that has given them so much. In the performing arts, whether it is on stage, back stage or part of a creative production team, there are many Churchie Old Boys who have carved out successful careers in their chosen field. For the upcoming 2017 Churchie/Somerville senior play, Peter Pan, we may be witnessing the next generation emerging. From the 2016 cohort, five of our youngest Old Boys are helping to make this year’s event another outstanding success. Working backstage to assist with the flight rigging are Jakson Lamb, Ewan Orton and Zane Schatz. Nick Evans has done some work on construction and the Stage Manager is Henry Friend.

Since the iconic characters of Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell were created, there have been countless books, films, theatrical productions and pantomimes telling their well-loved tale. Churchie is pleased to add to the canon their own retelling of this classic coming-of-age story. Featuring a large ensemble cast and impressive costumes, Peter Pan is a vibrant, comical and rich theatrical experience suitable for the whole family.

Tickets are available online now.