Old Boy Dr Bill Glasson (1969) recently had the pleasure of visiting Escott Station, which is situated in gulf country of North Queensland, approximately a two hour chopper flight north of Cloncurry.

“We were guests of Ian and Gabe Kennedy (nee Daniels) who own and operate the property. The property is at large a cattle station, running in the order of 30 thousand Brahman cattle. Working as Jackaroos in their gap year after finishing at Churchie, were Old Boys Michael Fletcher, Alistair Sheahan, Fergus White and Will Archer. Jesse Daniels (2017), also a Churchie Old Boy, works on one of the other properties owned by the Daniels family. The boys are having a wonderful year learning how to ride horses, muster and brand cattle, drive all sorts of machinery, as well as gaining experience in helicopter mustering. It is truly a life experience which will make them better men no matter where life takes them. We need to thank the Kennedy/Daniels family for the opportunity that they have given to these wonderful Churchie Old Boys.”

Featured Image (L-R): Michael Fletcher (2017), Alistair Sheahan (2016), Bill Glasson (1969), Fergus White (2017) and Will Archer (2017)