They shake the business world by day and rock the stage by night. Resembling a reunion of businessmen and musicians, Jurassic Jam is a fabulous line-up of local bands moonlighting with music from the 80s and early 90s. Performing at The Triffid, in a converted WW2 hangar that merges industrial style with state of the art technology, this annual event helps to create a lifetime of opportunities for children with autism by raising money for AEIOU Foundation. Now in its fourth year, Jurassic Jam has become a highlight on the calendar for AEIOU who provide life-changing early intervention and deliver high-quality therapy and care for children with autism.

Property Developer and Churchie Old Boy John Wilson (1982) is a proud creator of Jurassic Jam. Among this year’s line-up of eight local bands are Roger the Cabin Boy, The Hanovers and The Manilows, each of which comprise of fellow Old Boys and all of whom have been playing in various line-ups and crossing paths musically since leaving school. With John in Roger the Cabin Boy is Nick Chancellor (1981), who is a Director of Chancellors Chartered Accountants. CEO of Clean Energy Finance, Ian Learmonth (1981) is in The Hanovers with Chris Battersby (1978) who is the Design Manager at Hutchinson Builders. Robert Mactaggart (1979), a Director at The Airport Group, is in The Manilows.

Nick says: “Jurassic Jam format is a chance for us all to get together with many of our mutual friends and contacts and play to them at a what is a fantastic band venue. The set lists include predominantly covers. These are from a variety of eras with the tendency toward songs we grew up with, that are slightly off mainstream. There are differing styles on offer, from Mardi Wilson’s beer garden acoustic set, to very popular local originals band Shag Rock who are our kids’ generation. In fact, one of the Shag Rock boys is the son of Old Boy Alex Cavdarski (1981).”

Jurassic Jam IV is shaping to be their biggest yet and will be held on Saturday 1 September at The Triffid, 9 Stratton Street, Newstead. The event commences at 2 pm and concludes at 11 pm. Please click here to book now and show your support.

Featured Image: Roger the Cabin Boy