“Look after the missus and kids”. A promise remembered by the ANZAC forces in the battle of Pozieres, 1916. Since then, the men and woman from Legacy foundation have donated their efforts tirelessly to provide aid to around 70,000 families of veterans who have served or payed the ultimate sacrifice to Australia. Legacy is unique as being the oldest service to military families and originated from the First World War, later to be officially founded in 1925. At the end of 2016, Magnus house recognized this potential service area as a valuable point to observe a difference in the community and to allow students to interact with those in need from the older generations. As such, services began in the latter end of 2016 where two visits were made to Mrs Gloria Plummer, a lady who just needed the shed cleaned out. A menial task at best but with nobody to help Mrs Plummer, the boys of Magnus gladly stepped in and cleared two skip bins of items. In gratitude for the work, the boys were treated to a morning tea and no shortage of wisdom and life lessons. Since 2016, two more services have been completed, and many more to are to come. The work provided to these families may seem simple in the form of gardening, cleaning and social visits. However, the impact made by such basic services is respectable to say the least. To be able to continue these services would be undoubtedly beneficial for the families of Legacy and the personal growth of the young men of Magnus.

If you wish to make a donation of volunteer support for Legacy, more information can be found on their website or alternatively contact Jackie Stewart on 07 3029 5626.

Featured Image (L-R): Vaughan Marega (2017); Isaac Redfern (2017); Mrs Gloria Plummer; Alexander McDowell (2017)