George Kennedy (2009) is another Old Boy, who it seems has been bitten by the travel bug on such a scale that his latest adventure has him riding a motorcycle over thousands of kilometres across several countries. Many will recall the World Motorcycle Adventure (Viking Spirit, October 2016) of Old Boy Alex Callaghan (2001) through 25 countries from Far East Russia to London. As the founder and director of Project Eudaimonia*, George is now on his own world motorcycle adventure tackling the issues of developing countries. In doing so, he is exploring South America and supporting local grassroots initiatives by sharing stories of community development. The trip is entirely self-funded with all money raised going to the partner organisations that he visits. For Project Eudaimonia, George is visiting local community organisations run by community members for community members. The aim is to consult with locals to learn about their experiences, to understand and examine their challenges and to lend a voice to the real needs of communities in South America.

George says he has been fortunate with his experiences in life. With his interest in and compassion for people, he now wants to give to those who are less fortunate. His passion for travel started on family holidays and has since extended to Africa, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Mongolia. After leaving Churchie, he went on to become a paramedic and has since completed a Masters in International Development Practice in Melbourne with maternal health as his thesis topic.

George recently developed an affinity for motorbikes because he enjoys the freedom he feels when riding. For the journey, he worked to mitigate as many challenges as possible such as mechanical, visa, political and language (including taking Spanish lessons for a year). After starting from Santiago in Chile in late January, George is making his way up the east coast of South America to Brazil for up to twelve months. He will then put his bike onto a barge to sail the Amazon for three weeks whilst living in a hammock and mixing with locals. From there he will disembark onto a dirt muddy road and ride on to Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and then into Colombia. Where and when the journey ends, not even George can tell us.

Please click here to read more about Project Eudaimonia. The website is a fantastic portal of the photos and videos that George has posted about his journey and the organisations he has visited. The stories are interesting and incredibly diverse. George’s vision for Project Eudaimonia is for it to grow organically and be a place where people can go to learn more about sustainable local community development. Please also click on the following link to listen to George’s interview recorded last November on 612 ABC.

*Eudaimonia is a word that was first used by Aristotle meaning to be happy, healthy and prosperous.