These days kids spend a lot of time connected to technology. Fewer and fewer of them spend time in the bush, learning about the lives people lead in remote parts of Australia and how to live rough and enjoy it. With that in mind, or perhaps just because they like the smell of motorbike exhaust in the morning and flies on their eggs, for the past four years a group of Old Boys have taken their kids on a camping and riding trip to a large property near Eulo, north-west of Cunnamulla.

A 12 hour car trip towing a “Mad Max like” assortment of vehicles and bikes finds this gang in near complete isolation. The crew sleep in derelict shearers’ quarters. There is no power, the contents the water tank is contaminated, bathing is unheard of unless it is in a water hole and every meal is cooked over an open camp fire. There are a lot of big hats and tall stories.

Even after four years, mothers regularly complain that their offspring return after seven days wearing the exact same clothes they left in. Those who have been on a trip of this kind will understand why both the dads and the kids are often heard saying it is the best week of the year!

Pictured Above (L-R): Callum Magub (Year 8), Andrew Magub (1985), Mark Damman (1985), Will Nioa (Year 10), Robert Nioa (1985), Tom Nioa (Year 9), Andrew Cotton (1985), Hugh Cotton (Year 5), Harry Cotton (Year 7), Will Quayle (Year 9), Doug Quayle (1982)