When a student at Churchie, Old Boy Jonathan Brunello (1989) was a Prefect and Grenfell House Captain. He went on to study a B.Business Banking and Finance at the University of Southern Queensland, before working for Grainco Toowoomba from 1994 to 1998. He then embarked on an 18 year career in Finance across London, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong with Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. It was in August 2016 that Jonathan and his family returned to Australia.

Jonathan says: “In 2016, whilst encouraging my son to sit down to complete his homework, my request was met with ‘but Dad, it’s easier for me to concentrate when I am standing, not sitting’. This was the catalyst for me to start amperstand.”

Three years on, amperstand is now an Australian based designer of dynamically height adjustable school desks to students and teachers. “Classroom furniture, just like office furniture, must incorporate the latest ergonomic research. amperstand desks do just that – allowing students to adjust their desk to optimal sitting and standing heights.”

“Whilst the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’ might seem somewhat dramatic, it has drawn media attention to the problem.” says Jonathan. “Anecdotally it is accepted that people who alternative between sitting and standing operate at a higher level of focus than those who are consistently seated. We hope to bring some scientific proof to this over the next 12 months, working with local and international schools”

amperstand is unashamedly challenging what has become the norm – that children need to sit to learn. “Our success will be measured when this generation of students enter the workplace, knowing that there are alternatives to sitting.”

A range of three dynamically height adjustable sit/stand desks is currently offered by amperstand. Please click here to view the range. If you are interested in making contact directly with Jonathan, please click here.