It is always heartening to receive feedback from our feature articles, particularly when it relates to what Old Boys are achieving in life and more particularly when it relates to Community Service, one of Churchie’s four tenets. Through such feedback, the following achievements have captured our attention. So please enjoy reading of a few endurance challenges that some of our Old Boys have recently undertaken, which admirably have also entailed fundraising for worthy charities. The fundraising pages for all teams are still open. Simply click on the team names if you wish to contribute.

Noah Prowse (2015)
Noah recently took part in the Champions Challenge with a group of colleagues. His team, known as Matrix, trekked 42km in just over 10 and a half hours. In doing so they raised over $65,000 in support of AEIOU foundation who are doing wonderful things in helping kids with autism. The day started at 4 am with a briefing and being transported to the start point. During the walk each team of four had to carry a 9 metre long rope weighing 7 kilograms. For 15 kilometres during the hike, they also had to carry an 8 kilogram sand bag. Whilst everyone finished a little bit worse for wear with sore muscles and joints, Noah and his team found completing the challenge extremely rewarding.

Ben Foessel (2007)
Ben recently competed in the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge in Brisbane and only three weeks later competed in the Kokoda 96km Challenge. Ben’s team She Made Me Do It completed the Oxfam 100 kilometre course in 23 hours 42 minutes. His team Steak and Chips endured the Kokoda Challenge, coming in with a time of 23 hours 20 minutes. In doing so, they raised $1,680 for Oxfam and $1,589 for the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

Nicholas Filer (2007)

Nicholas featured in the July newsletter, ahead of the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge in Brisbane. He and his team, known as Charlie’s Angels, completed the trek in 33 hours 23 minutes and raised $2,863 in the process. Having trekked through forests and creeks and traversing many mountains, they can now rest their feet with pride.

Nicholas Abussi (2007)

Nick also competed in both the Oxfam Trailwalker and Kokoda Challenge. His Oxfam team, The Boulderer and Bandaid Brigade, completed the 100 kilometre trek in 33 hours 9 minutes and raised $1,625.  For the Kokoda Challenge, Nick’s team known as Not Fast But Furious completed the course and raised $2,193.

21 Club

In conclusion, all the very best to the 21 Club who we featured recently in our July edition of Viking Spirit. 21 mates, all 21 years old, training to run 21.1 km in an effort to raise $21,000. Having exceeded their fundraising target ($22,500 at last count), it is now time for them to put their feet on the street and complete a half marathon. This Sunday 5 August, at the 2018 Brisbane Marathon Festival, they will be doing just that.

Featured Images: Above Left (pictured left): Noah Prowse; Centre and Above Right: Ben Foessel