Old Boy Nick van Buuren (2012) is a poet who lives and writes in his hometown of Brisbane. As a student at the University of Queensland, he studies a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) and Law. With his work having previously been published with Bareknuckle Poet and Jacaranda, he is also the recipient of the 2017 Kingshott Cassidy Poetry Scholarship the purpose of which is to encourage and financially assist an undergraduate student with a demonstrated interest in poetry.

Nick had long entertained a desire to provide a space in which emerging poets can critically craft their form in an inspiring and constructive environment. He therefore set about founding a Brisbane based literary zine known as The Tundish Review, of which he is also the co-editor. Run by emerging poets to engage and publish with other emerging poets, The Tundish Review publishes original pieces and a range of editorial features with a light hearted emphasis on the rich poetic tradition.

Nick was recently an artist at the 2017 Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF). The annual four-day festival aims to inspire, entertain, challenge and embrace the wide possibility of poetic expression in all of its forms. It exists to support, cultivate, and promote a vibrant poetry culture in Queensland, as well as Australia and beyond.