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From Economics to Ergonomics

When a student at Churchie, Old Boy Jonathan Brunello (1989) was a Prefect and Grenfell House Captain. He went on to study a B.Business Banking and Finance at the University of Southern Queensland, before working for Grainco Toowoomba from 1994 to 1998. He then embarked on an 18 year career in Finance across London, New [...]

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A Life Well Lived

Old Boy Don Stewart (1969) reflects on a life well lived. “After nine years at Churchie I took up a cadetship with Borthwicks Meatworks in Merinda near Bowen. I lasted five weeks as a slaughter floor sweeper before returning to Brisbane; it wasn’t for me. I re-entered the workforce as a Santa's Helper at Myer [...]

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Mustering with Mates

Old Boy Dr Bill Glasson (1969) recently had the pleasure of visiting Escott Station, which is situated in gulf country of North Queensland, approximately a two hour chopper flight north of Cloncurry. “We were guests of Ian and Gabe Kennedy (nee Daniels) who own and operate the property. The property is at large a cattle [...]

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Free Wheeling Fishers Chase Churchie Connections

Endeavoring to traverse every desert between Brisbane and Geraldton, Old Boy and current Churchie teacher Charles Fisher (1977) and his wife Shona have embarked on a journey across Australia. Their first stop was Roma Saleyards (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere) where they observed 4,500 store cattle being auctioned before spending the next two nights [...]

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Return of Service

Inspired by his involvement with Churchie Service, Old Boy Jack Gadsby (2017) has recently returned from a trip to Vanuatu during which he visited St Patrick’s College, an Anglican secondary school in Ambae. This is the same school he visited as a Churchie student in 2017. For Jack, certainly one of the most gratifying parts of [...]

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An Affinity for Trinity

Opened in 1872, Trinity College was established as an affiliated residential college of the University of Melbourne, as well as a place to prepare theological candidates for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Australia. The College has significantly expanded since then and today consists of three divisions: the Pathways School, the Residential College and [...]

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Sweet Sounds of San Tropez Bay

Moulded by eclectic music tastes, Old Boy Liam Kenvyn (2015) with his girlfriend Sofia and three primary school mates from New Farm, have been writing, recording and performing original music for appreciative audiences. Known as San Tropez Bay, they all have a hand in writing from experience and across a range of genres, channelling the [...]

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Where Are They Now… David Mason (1960)

I left Churchie at the end of 1955 - last year of junior school. We moved to Sydney where I attended Knox Grammar School completing my Higher School Certificate in 1960.  Attending Churchie was the best years of my schooling.  David Pritchard was a good friend but sadly I am aware he passed away a [...]

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Patron of ‘the churchie’

Old Boy Sam Cranstoun (2004) is the newly appointed Patron of the churchie. Established in 1987, this highly regarded national emerging art prize is dedicated to innovation and excellence across contemporary, traditional and new media genres. "It is with great pride that I take on the role of Patron of the churchie national emerging art [...]

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School of Origin

Over the past week it has been tremendous to be able to welcome back two Churchie Old Boys on official visits, Michael Johnston (1996) and Kalyn Ponga (2015). In November 2018 we featured an article about the inspiration Michael drew from his years in Churchie Prep and more particularly his fond memories of competing in [...]

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