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Boomerang Gold

Old Boy Dion Mayne (2000) has realised a dream of writing a historical seafaring tale, under the mentorship of Dr Paul Richardson, who is a published author and Dion’s former primary school principal. Boomerang Gold has larger than life characters hell bent on command & conquer plus the hunger for blood and gold. The story [...]

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Local Hero Is A Ripper Bloke

In June 2017 we featured an article about Old Boy Nick Marshall (1994), titled Albatross Nippers are Little Rippers. Nick, a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist, is also an advocate for increased participation in surf lifesaving activities. In 2014, coupled with a passion for ensuring those with special needs and disability are included in the community, [...]

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Where Are They Now… Peter Hopton (1973)

I have been associated with the Australasian transport and shipping industry for the past 45 years. During this time I have been exposed to most facets of the logistics industry, including general management, operations, merge and acquisition, ship building, agency, IT Logistics and company directorships. Many of these positions were whilst employed by BHP (25 [...]

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‘Strong’ – A Gift Forever Cherished

Mrs Pam Willmann was the house mother of Strong House from January 1998 until December 2002. As a farewell gift on Pam’s retirement, the boys of Strong House gave Pam a Lhasa Apso puppy which has been by her side every day since. As a sign of respect that she had for the boys that [...]

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The Craft of Storytelling

During the current school term (term 4), Year 9 students engage with a new form of non-fictional text (the documentary) which allows for the exploration of concepts and perspectives.  In particular, students explore how these perspectives are created through construction, storytelling, bias and film techniques. This unit encourages them to examine a wider range of perspectives [...]

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Opportunities Abound

Old Boy John de Bhal (2012) is a current recipient of the Churchie Foundation ‘Overseas Study Scholarship for Old Boys’ and is currently studying at University of Oxford. John has penned the following recollections of his experience so far. Studying at Oxford has been everything I hoped it would be. I have met some of [...]

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A Sportsman and a Scholar

In a recent The Churchie Weekly article, Mr John Frare, Deputy Headmaster Co-curricular and HR, wrote of his opportunity to attend many conferences on topics such as the role of sport in boys’ education or the value of sport in schools. Mr Frare stated that these conferences investigated the benefits and issues associated with sport [...]

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From Economics to Ergonomics

When a student at Churchie, Old Boy Jonathan Brunello (1989) was a Prefect and Grenfell House Captain. He went on to study a B.Business Banking and Finance at the University of Southern Queensland, before working for Grainco Toowoomba from 1994 to 1998. He then embarked on an 18 year career in Finance across London, New [...]

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A Life Well Lived

Old Boy Don Stewart (1969) reflects on a life well lived. “After nine years at Churchie I took up a cadetship with Borthwicks Meatworks in Merinda near Bowen. I lasted five weeks as a slaughter floor sweeper before returning to Brisbane; it wasn’t for me. I re-entered the workforce as a Santa's Helper at Myer [...]

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Mustering with Mates

Old Boy Dr Bill Glasson (1969) recently had the pleasure of visiting Escott Station, which is situated in gulf country of North Queensland, approximately a two hour chopper flight north of Cloncurry. “We were guests of Ian and Gabe Kennedy (nee Daniels) who own and operate the property. The property is at large a cattle [...]

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