A presentation by Old Boy Tim Forster (1958) on our founding Headmaster Canon Morris summoned a record and capacity attendance at a recent History Interest Dinner of The Queensland Club. This a wonderful mark of respect for Morris himself, as well as acknowledgement of the thorough and comprehensive research undertaken by Tim. Of the 105 attendees, there were 43 Churchie Old Boys.

Tim’s talk was predominantly about Canon Morris and the Morris family. He spoke of how the family, together with the influence of the Church and State and a belief in the Empire, helped mould the character of Canon Morris and hence the ethos of Churchie. Morris came from a family of high achievers. It was his education, training and professional background that propelled him almost inevitably to become the founder of our great school. All present, in particular the Churchie Old Boys, left with a far better understanding on how Churchie grew from humble beginnings as a farm to the internationally acknowledged institution it has become.

Tim attended Churchie as a boarder between 1955 and 1958. During his time on the OBA Executive he was responsible for the life size statue of Canon Morris and his dog Buff and delivered the address on its presentation to the school. He is married to Annabel whose father Dr Jim Falconer was School Captain in 1946, Canon Morris’s final year.

Tim will very kindly be providing a copy of his full presentation (including photographs) both to The Queensland Club and to the School Archives at Churchie.