Old Boy Grant Brady (1985) and his father Ray are two men who are determined to make a difference and the manner in which they choose to do this is certainly different. In their bid to help raise valuable research funds for those with cancer, the ‘Bulldust Bradys’ have taken to competing in car rallies which sees them traverse some of the most remote and arid regions in Australia.

In May 2017, Grant and Ray are embarking on their next motoring challenge in September alongside his Dad as part of the team to compete in the Shitbox Rally. They will be travelling over 3,800km from Adelaide in South Australia to Cairns in North Queensland. For what is sure to be a truly memorable experience for all involved, the route will take them via both the Oondatta Track and the Plenty Highway. Speaking about the race, Grant said: “My Dad and I have had a warm up with the Mystery Box car rally last September. Having raised $11,730 for the Cancer Council for the Mystery Box Rally, we got the taste for the ‘glamour’ of the rally. This is not a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable; to drive cars worth $1,000 across Australia via some of its most arduous roads, all in the name of charity.”

Name aside, it is a serious fund raising exercise for the Cancer Council, with Grant already having raised $5,500. Grant adds: “We, like many others, have experienced the harsh loss of a family member or close friend to cancer. My Dad lost his father and brother and I lost a close school mate at the young age of just 28”.

If you would like to support the ‘Bulldust Bradys’ as they prepare to tackle the seven day car rally, then please make an online donation via the following link: