Old Boy Ed Ross (2010) has not only carved out a career as a tradie but has now partnered with his mate Dan Allen to design their own workwear which they hope will reshape the image of tradies everywhere. The idea is part of a much greater plan to start the conversation around suicide in Australian men and came about after one of Dan’s mates took his own life. The boys say that wearing these shirts is about taking responsibility and making a statement that you are open to having a conversation and willing to reach out and support anyone who needs it.

Ed and Dan have launched their own website called TradeMutt. Whilst they are a departure from the iconic high vis, their loud designs are making a definite statement which is clearly articulated by their philosophy ‘Built Tough, So You Don’t Have To Be’. All three styles exhibit an Australian theme and are custom designed specifically for hard working tradies. They have recently teamed up with a not-for-profit called This Is A Conversation Starter who are using humour and storytelling to crack open the mental health discussion by pairing seven Aussie comedians with seven Aussie musicians to write songs about mental health. One song will be released each day of Mental Health Week in October 2018.

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Featured Image (L-R): Ed Ross (2010) and Dan Allen