Old Boy Dion Mayne (2000) has realised a dream of writing a historical seafaring tale, under the mentorship of Dr Paul Richardson, who is a published author and Dion’s former primary school principal. Boomerang Gold has larger than life characters hell bent on command & conquer plus the hunger for blood and gold. The story follows the adventures of Dutch Captain Calder Velden during European expansion beyond the East Indies. Based around 16th Century historical events, the story raises questions about the brutality of the times, the endurance of the early sailors, the mistreatment of women and resistence by first nation Australians to white man’s arrival on their country.

To explain how it all came about, Dion said, “I watched an interview with Actor Chris Hemsworth. He said he and his brother Liam were still waiting for a script his family could all star in together. That was the inspiration for my story. As I wrote I always envisaged each scene playing out on the big screen!” Dion wanted to write a story about European exploration in the waters of Australasia (hence the boomerang reference) and decided to develop the storyline around the Dutch and Spanish quest for gold during the 16th century. Paul helped to bring the story to life with descriptive detail and dialogue.

Dion added: “Teachers do a great deal for us, they have certainly played a key role in our successes, I don’t believe they get acknowledged enough. So, I was more than happy to acknowledge those that helped me become a better person and took the chance to thank the teachers of Churchie that inspired me and brought the best out of me during my time at Churchie.” In his Acknowledgements, Dion writes: “Thank you to my ACGS Family with special mention to Garry Andreas, Tony Rowan, Alan Greenbank, Christopher Ellis, Robert Morris, David Grogan, Catriona Dumont, John Palethorpe, Michael Gearing, David Gee and my school mates.

Featured Image: Dion (pictured centre) with the Triple M Breakfast Team, Jay and Dave. Please click here to listen to the interview.

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Boomerang Gold: It’s the Lure and the Legend That Bring You Back