Every day, more than 50 Australians die as a result of heart disease and more than 400,000 of us will suffer a heart attack in our lifetime. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death of Australians, but awareness of that message is low, especially among younger Australians. This is where Old Boy Chris Taylor (1987) has stepped in. Chris joined Heart Foundation in March 2018 as their Chief Marketing Officer and was immediately faced with three challenges: growing ignorance of heart disease, inaction and a heavy reliance on public funding. In a major push to combat these alarming statistics and overcome these challenges, Chris was the driving force behind Heart Foundation’s hard-hitting campaign, Australia’s Biggest Serial Killer.

The results of the campaign are particularly impressive. Visits to the Heart Foundation website surged by almost 300 per cent and hundreds of thousands of Australians have completed the newly launched online Heart Age Calculator. The campaign has also been cited by key politicians as being instrumental in their decision to invest a further $220 million investment for research into heart disease and pledge to support the funding of healthy heart checks for all at-risk Australians.

Chris’ distinguished background as a marketer comes from working across multiple sectors with a range of leading brands, including but not limited to: Coca-Cola, Telstra, Visa, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Macquarie Bank and Woolworths. He is also an experienced key-note speaker, moderator and event chairman. Outside of work, Chris is a real estate investor and home renovator with a passion for restoring Federation homes, faithfully reproducing the original style through attention to detail and a modern flair.

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