In a recent The Churchie Weekly article, Mr John Frare, Deputy Headmaster Co-curricular and HR, wrote of his opportunity to attend many conferences on topics such as the role of sport in boys’ education or the value of sport in schools. Mr Frare stated that these conferences investigated the benefits and issues associated with sport in boys schools, from philosophical and practical viewpoints. He also noted that one of the aspects covered has been the connection of sport and co-curricular activities to academic performance. To that end, in recent years research has been conducted at Churchie to measure the impact of co-curricular involvement on academic outcomes.

To shatter the modern myth that sporting and academic excellence can’t mix, let’s look no further than Old Boy Angus Scott-Young (2014). It should be noted at this point that as a key member of Churchie’s undefeated First XV in 2014, Angus also was awarded Dux of the School. Fast forward four and a half years, Angus is now about to graduate with a double degree (Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science) from the University of Queensland. All the while, racking up 28 appearances for the Queensland Reds, playing for the Junior Wallabies (2016-17) and winning two Brisbane Premier Rugby club premierships with UQ Rugby (2017 and 2019). Angus also excelled in Queensland Country’s 2017 National Rugby Championship title and is their current captain.

Furthermore, Angus has achieved a perfect GPA 7 at UQ for his dual degree which has been described by the Vice Chancellor of University of Queensland as extraordinary for any student, let alone one playing professional sport. Angus has also recently been nominated for UQ Valedictorian. Recently he has signed a new two year contract with the Queensland Reds and is already pondering whether his next step is chasing honours in science or a Masters of Medicine degree.